Data Privacy & Protection


The World and specially India stepping towards digitisation and robust use of information technology, there is an unprecedented exigency for individual and business class in India to update their privacy and cyber security standards to protect their personal and professional informations.

Our Data Privacy and Protection Team is very much experienced in the Data Privacy and Protection Laws simultaneously our clients regard highly our Team for the sake to provide our specialised and diverse services in Data Privacy and Protection area of law.

Our Team is proficient in identifying legal and regulatory risks in relation to non–compliance with data protection and provides strategic opinions.

Our Data Privacy & Protection team focuses on the evolving new technologies developments, legal issues and business relating to privacy and security of data informations.

Our Data Privacy & Cyber Protection Team advises our clients across the entire legal gamut of Data privacy and security apprehensions, ranging from legal opinion on legal requirements to defence against investigations and proceedings regarding privacy violation and cyber security breakdown.

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