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Notary, Magistrate And Go Attestation

A notary is a law or legal practitioner licensed from the government under Notaries Act, 1952, for acting in legal affairs and in particular witnessing signatures on documents. A notary is appointed for each part of the country by the Central government, whereas, the State government can appoint a notary for entire or any part of the state.

The main functions of a notary involves witnessing signatures on legal and governmental documents, taking affidavits and statutory declarations, acknowledgements of deeds and other conveyances, furnishing notice of foreign drafts, providing notarial copies, and performing official acts as per the jurisdiction. These acts of notary are known as notarization. A notary can also act as arbitrator, mediator, commissioner, or counsellor. It also translate the documents and later verifies the translated document, and also record evidence in civil and criminal trials if directed by the court or any governmental authority. Every notarial Act is required to be done under notary’s signature seal with a registered number and date.

Apart from this, we being engaged in law firm as per the client request and to fulfill their needs to meet their requirement we are well connected with government officers and hence facilitating the following Magistrate Attestation on relevant documents. We entertain all types of Affidavits, SPA, GPA, Deeds, Indemnity Bonds, Agreements and other various legal documents for following attestation.

  • Magistrate Attestation
  • First Class Magistrate Attestation
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate Attestation
  • Executive Magistrate Attestation

At various points of time students, employee, individuals, corporate officials, company are required to attest their bonafide forgoing concerned documents or photocopies from the goodself of gazetted officer. Keeping their requirement in mind, we are also dealing with GO attestation to serve the public in the interest of their welfare.