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A tax is a mandatory fee or financial charge levied by any government on an individual or an organization for public works providing the facilities and infrastructure. The collected fund is then used to fund different public expenditure programs. Our Firm’s tax practice Team is well versed in tax law space, constantly becoming stronger with every passing year and able to win client confidence through its solution-oriented, cost effectiveness and time saving approach.

The team has deep, extensive and core expertise in various areas domestic and cross-border taxation, international tax, transfer pricing advisory & transfer pricing disputes resolution, tax treaty analysis and interventions, direct taxes and related areas, goods and services tax, customs duty, excise duty, equalisation levy, transactional taxes and other relevant applicable laws including tax efficient structuring of inbound & outbound investments, domestic/group restructuring, M&A tax, high end tax litigation and representation, tax information exchange requests, tax insurance, employee incentives, and new age issues such as taxation aspects relating to online marketplaces and digital transactions, which are evolving globally.

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