Compliance & Investigation / White–Collar Crime



Every white–collar crime matter requires two separate perspectives to address it: the investigation, and legal advice on the investigation and its findings. SUPERB ASSOCIATES is the only large Indian law firm with these end–to-end capabilities, which pool the skills and expertise of our dedicated in–house forensic investigators and our corporate, employment and litigation practices, to deliver holistic advice on complex investigation and compliance matters.

Our white–collar crime professionals help clients respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery, corruption and other misconduct, addressing legal issues and risks that may arise, including advice on disclosures and responding to regulatory authorities.


White collar crime in India usually find its genesis in anti-bribery and corruption laws; corporate and accounting fraud; insider trading; data privacy, protection and security; global statutes such as FCPA, UKBA; corporate compliance; and money laundering. We have extensive experience in representing clients in white collar crime matters both at a preventative and prosecution stages.

The Superb Associates Advantage

Our white collar crimes practice division advises numerous domestic and international clients. We help them conduct internal audits and create appropriate risk mitigation strategies, defence in investigations, criminal trials and appellate proceedings before courts, corporate investigations and general advisory in relation to wrongdoings attributed to promoters and other employees, proceedings to protect personal liberty, blacklisting proceedings and cancellation of contracts.