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Will Registration

A will or testament is a legal document through which the testators expresses their wishes regarding the distribution of their property after their death. The will is also inclusive of the executor for managing the estate/property until the final distribution.

  • No stamp duty is required for the registration of the will.
  • A registration fee of Rs 21 is payable.
  • A will cannot be registered online. The testator is required to be present along with its two witnesses during the registration.

As per the jurisdiction, a will can be registered at the Sub-Registrar office even after the death of the testator. The registration of the will depends upon the sole discretion of the registrar, and it will only be registered if registrar will be satisfied with the genuinity of the will. Usually, registering a will after the death of the testator can be tedious and registrar generally do not allow such registration due to the risk of fraud and other reasons. So, it is always advised to get the will registered during the lifetime of the testator.